Sales Leads Plus - Save your time and money

Irvine, California 1 comment

I recently purchased a list of CEO/ Business Owner leads from this company and I must tell you it was very disappointed after 80% of the leads bounced.

When I was buying the leads of course they tell you we update the list every 30 days. But now when i call back after 80% bounce rate they are telling me. " OH we can't guarantee the accuracy of the list. " Save your money and time, buy quality leads from a different company.

The old saying is true when something seems to good to be true it often is. The offer bulk leads for a lower price but you will regret it.


Irvine, California, United States #622096

I am glad to announce that sales leads plus has worked diligently to resolve the issue I was experiencing with my leads. I would definitely recommend them as a customer moving forward.


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